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Lelya: Shea Butter (Shea) MiKo

I really want to share my feedback on shea butter from miko. This is a wonderful oil, I have already bought the second bottle, the first one sold out very quickly. More precisely, I made various cosmetic products from this oil, my sister came and took everything. Visit this link to gain more ideas: best shea butter

Shea butter or also called shea butter is a natural treasure.
The oil is mainly composed of triglycerides. Fatty acids are represented by oleic, stearic, palmitic, linoleic and linolenic. Shea butter contains many more unsaponifiables than cocoa butter.

The oil is extracted from the nuts of the shi-karite tree, which begins to bear fruit only after 15 years of age. And can bear fruit in nuts suitable for making high fatty acid oils for up to 30 years. It is these fatty acids that give shea butter its unique medicinal properties.

Oil production is carried out in several stages: first, ripe fruits are harvested, this happens during the rainy season. The women collect the fruits that have fallen from the tree and carry them home in baskets on their heads. Next, the vats with fruits are buried in the ground and kept there for 12 days, so that the pulp decays and it is easier to extract the seeds. The seeds are then boiled to prevent them from germinating. Then the seeds are fried. When oil is produced, the peel of the seeds is crushed and removed, the core is fried for 24 hours, then crushed with a stone.

After pounding with pestle in a mortar, a brown paste is obtained, then water is added to it. Three or four women intensively knead the resulting mass, replacing each other. The resulting mixture is rinsed several times in water, getting a lighter foam. The process requires a lot of water. The foam is boiled for many hours in a row, then the top is removed and cooled. This is butter. Sooooo time consuming process.


Under industrial conditions, the hood is obtained by cold pressing. Unrefined shea seed oil is used in the production of creams, shampoos, balms, soaps and detergents.

Shea butter is a wonderful protective and emollient ingredient. Back in 1940. Scientific studies have confirmed that peoples who use Shea butter hardly suffer from skin diseases, and their skin is amazingly smooth and firm. Shea butter is an excellent anti-aging agent. In terms of its qualities, it is in no way inferior to any of the known emollients.

Even during the reign of Cleopatra in Egypt, for the valuable useful properties of shea butter, caravans with clay jugs were equipped, in which the butter was transported and stored.

The oil is packed in a dark glass jar with a 120 ml lid. At Miko's company, I especially like the fact that the packaging is glass, not plastic. I'm not very good at plastic, nowadays there is only plastic around, practically nothing can do without it.

The smell is subtle, very pleasant. I don’t know, many people don’t like the smell, but I do. Cold-pressed unrefined shea butter should smell like that. Such a jar costs 450 rubles. Country of origin Netherlands. After opening the bottle, use within 6 months. Also on the packaging there is information about the expiration date of shea butter. And believe me, you are using it. The oil is very high quality, like all Miko products. I am absolutely sure of this. Oil color: creamy.

This is perhaps my best purchase. My must-have, as they call it in modern language.

The texture of the oil is hard, it is better to take it with a special wooden stick, it is not very convenient with your finger, although you can get it.

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